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Stop Constant Watering | Stop Constant Mowing | Stop Constant fertilizing

  • Eco Friendly

    That’s right, we love the planet and plan on keeping it beautiful.

  • Minimal Fertilizing

    The only smell getting into your house is a fresh grassy smell.

  • Resilient

    Just because it’s awesome, doesn’t mean it’s fragile!

Product Feature
  • Mow Less

    Save your Sundays for something better.

  • Child & Pet Friendly

    A lawn that looks beautiful and safe for your family – the best of both worlds.

  • Top Rated

    Yes, it really is legit and that good.

We Do It Better!


Cutting Edge® Grass Seed

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Cutting Edge Grass comes in an all in one bag (Sun & Shade, Low Maintenance, Self-Repairing), there is no need to purchase several bags of seed for specialized application areas. Cutting Edge® Grass Seed provides all of the low maintenance characteristics you are looking for while maintaining the beauty and sustainability expected of prestigious institutions and professional turf environments.

Our 20Kg bag covers 11,000 sq ft for a new lawn and 22,000 sq ft for overseeding.

Our 10Kg bag covers 5,500 sq ft for a new lawn and 11,000 sq ft for overseeding.

Our 2.27Kg bag covers 1,250 sq ft for a new lawn and 2,500 sq ft for overseeding.


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